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NOTE: frogPrince onLine Dating exists for the purpose of introducing mature adults (18 and older) to one another. All references to marital status and age have been supplied by the members, and are not verified by frogPrince. We review and approve all profiles & photos, reserving the right to refuse or edit copy. No profiles will be accepted that are advertising other services or products, pornographic or otherwise rude or offensive. This site was designed primarily to service individuals from the United States of America and Canada who are seeking to date within their own country. Profiles of people claiming to be living in the United States of America or Canada, that have been created in other countries will not be approved. See our foreign dating and scam policy.

Our members have NOT undergone background checks. If someone requests money from you, asks for your help in facilitating the transfer of inherited funds or asks that you accept money/checks to deposit for them in a local bank, this is a scam. Do not send or accept money/checks, and do NOT provide your address or banking information. Please report a concern against the member.

Please use extreme caution when arranging meetings with strangers. People who place or respond to frogPrince onLine Dating Ads do so at their own risk. There are other ways to meet single people, Online Dating is NOT for Everyone!
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