onLine Dating Do's & Don'ts
some offLine too ;)

DO... remain anonymous when you create your profile to avoid being identified on-line. DON'T... use your real name or any part of your name as your profile ID.
DO... be honest in your personal ad and in any emails or online conversations. DON'T... give false impressions which could lead to embarrasment or disappointment by either party.
DO... if you choose to post a photo, make it a current one. DON'T... post your 5+ year old high school or college graduation or wedding photo, even if it is your best shot.
DO... crop out extra people from your photo. IF you must post a photo that includes others, please ask their permission and make sure to specify yourself in your description. DON'T... include your ex-spouse or otherwise significant other in your photo and never post photos of your children.
DO... get a free anonymous email account, such as Hotmail or Yahoo! DON'T... give out your work or business email address.
DO... make your intentions clear. DON'T... lead someone on if you are just flirting online with no intention of ever meeting.
DO... use common sense and rely on your intuition. DON'T... continue if something seems fishy, funny or harmful. If something feels wrong, it probably IS wrong!
DO... be considerate, respond to correspondences even if just to say no thank-you. DON'T... leave someone hanging, hoping or guessing.
DO... plan a phone date before deciding to meet in person. DON'T... hop from a single email to a week-end getaway.
DO... spend sufficient time corresponding electronically and talking on the phone before agreeing to meet in person. DON'T... be rushed into meeting someone. IF he/she really wants to meet YOU, they will wait until you are ready.
DO... exchange photos if you feel you are falling for someone and would like to meet in person. As much as we hate to admit it, looks do count! DON'T... meet totally site unseen, without first exchanging photos. Spare yourselves any disappointment if one or both of you decides you don't like the others looks.
DO... once comfortable, arrange to meet in person soon to reduce expectations that can quickly develop in an online relationship. DON'T... be too disappointed if online (or phone) chemistry is not reality; remember there are more frogs in the pond!
DO... look at each date as chance to meet a new person. Lower you expectations and have fun! DON'T... expect the next person you meet to be The One.
DO... plan a short meeting as a first date; perhaps coffee, icecream, or a light lunch. If all goes well, plan your 2nd date. DON'T... make your first meeting a 5 course meal or a night at the opera. It could be difficult to part company if either party wants out!
DO... meet in a well-populated, familiar public place close to home. DON'T... meet at a deserted park, beach or swamp even if it is daylight.
DO... tell a friend who, where and when you will be meeting; agree to call when you arrive home. DON'T... be secretive. Men, this applies to you too. Did you see Fatal Attraction?
DO... charge the battery and take your cell phone with you. DON'T... hesitate to call for help if the situation gets uncomfortable.
DO... provide your own transportation to and from the first date. DON'T... rely on your date for transportation. It will be easier for you to leave an akward situation if you have your own car.
DO... be on time for the first date (and any future dates); if you find that your are running even 5 minutes late call. DON'T... make your date uncomfortably wait and wonder if you are actually going to show.
DO... try to relax, keep the conversation light-hearted, be yourself and have a good time! DON'T... steer the conversation towards your divorce, failed past relationships, deceased spouse or other negative topics.
DO... ask questions about your date's interests to start a conversation. DON'T... monoloplize or one-side the conversation by talking only about yourself.
DO... pay attention to any feelings of suspicion. DON'T... overindulge in alcohol or any other mood altering substance that might cloud your ability to stay alert and cautious.
DO... give your date the benefit of the doubt. If you are uncertain of your feelings, say so and plan to continue communications. DON'T... confuse nervousness or shyness with lack of interest.
DO... you believe in love at first sight? DON'T... let your emotions carry you away. Don't assume that it is OK to kiss someone on the first date.
DO... be courteous when parting ways. If both parties consent, share a quick hug and plan another date! If not politely move on... DON'T... say you had a nice time if you didn't and don't say "I'll call you" if you don't mean it; don't leave someone with false expectations of another date.
DO... drop the class if the photo on the cover of your XML text book strongly resembles the guy who recently dumped you. IF it is too late to drop, cover the book! DON'T... torture yourself by continually gazing at photos of a special someone you are no longer dating. Put those keepsakes and photos away!
DO... hire a private detective if you are suspious and need final proof that your lover is cheating on you. DON'T... make a fool of yourself by stalking a cheating lover.
DO... believe if someone is cheating they are not committed to the relationship despite what they say... DON'T... be blinded by love. Don't believe a cheating lover if they say they are sorry and promise to change. Once a cheater, always a cheater!
DO... be suspicious if week day lunches are still the only dates with someone you have been seeing for several months. DON'T... believe you are the one and only if your date arranges meetings at the last minute, repeatedly cancels, or says he'll call and either forgets or says he got busy.
DO... beware of anyone requesting money from you, asking for you to arrange transportation, requesting your help in facilitating the transfer of inherited funds or asking that you accept money/checks to deposit for them in a local bank. These are all scams! DON'T... purchase a bus, train or airline ticket for a stranger even if you are given a credit card number. DO NOT fall for someone's hard luck story of extraordinary medical bills, mortgage foreclosure, funeral costs, or legal fees. Never give or "lend" money to, or accept and cash checks from, someone you have just met on the internet!
DO... pay with cash when purchasing Valentine's Day gifts for someone special early in a relationship. DON'T... use a charge card to purchase gifts early in a relationship. It hurts all over again to get a credit card bill for a gift purchased for a special someone you are no longer dating :(
DO... Give credit for these tips. DON'T... Steal the dating do's & don'ts from for use on your site!




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