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Online or Computer Dating is not for everyone. There is no guarantee the on-line profile you are reading is anything close to reality. Most dating services are costly and offer no money back guarantee that you will meet someone. Before signing up for any dating service it is a good idea to try to meet people in person through other venues, such as these:
  • Network with friends, relatives and co-workers; ask if they have any single friends or relatives that might also be looking to meet someone. There is no shame in being single or suddenly finding yourself single due to the death of a spouse or a divorce.
  • Never turn down an invitation to attend a party or other social event. Chances are you will meet new people. Perhaps you won't meet "the one", but it will widen your circle of friends to allow more networking (see previous tip!)
  • Take part in activites that interest you. Join a club or gym, go to a musuem, art gallery openning, wine tasting, lecture or other cultural event. If you can't get someone to go along, don't be afraid to go alone. If you do go with a friend, leave yourself open to mingle with others.
  • Not sure what's going on in your area? Check the weekly "What's Happening" listings, entertainment guide or calendar pages of your local newspaper. Make a plan to attend at least one event per weekend. Don't be afraid to go alone and don't be afraid to try something new!
  • If you have kids, get involved in the PTO, scouts, sports teams. Attending school functions is a good way to meet other single parents.
  • Take your kids places and do kid things. Try movies, family restaraunts, bowling, skating, beaches, the local playground or amusement park. Smile and strike up a conversation with that single parent in line, on the next lane, standing at the water's edge or waiting on a park bench for junior to get off the roller coaster.
  • If you are religious, get involved in your church. Attend Bible studies and fellowship events, volunteer for a committee.
  • Volunteer for a cause, political campaign, or a non profit organization. Need help finding opportunities? Join a local chapter of Single Volunteers, Inc. If there is no chapter in your area, start your own!
  • Visit your local Lowes, Home Depot or other home improvement store. If you need help with a project, ask someone for advice. If you see someone who looks like they need help, offer some suggestions!
  • Broaden your mind while broadenning your horizons. Take a night class at a local college or high school; or attend a lecture series at your local library. Sit next to someone you find attractive.
  • Attend singles dances. Once again, if you go with a friend, make it clear that you are there to mingle with others.
  • Take a walk in a public park or conservation area. If you are a dog lover, take your dog along and maybe you will meet another dog lover.
  • Be friendly. It is ok for an adult to smile and say hello to another adult in the grocery store, health club or other public place. If someone looks interesting, strike up a conversation.
  • Try joining an online "Meetup" group in your local community. These groups are a way to find / meet up with other people who share similar interests or who are dedicated to a common cause.
  • If you must try an on line dating service, please use extreme caution and follow some simple safey tips.